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1950's Harelquinade Dinner Set

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A collectors item for the dining area.
In the 1950s Alfred Meakin, Empire and Washington Potteries made check china tea sets and tableware. The pattern is often known as Harlequinade, and most often appears in multi coloured sets of cups, saucers, tea & dinner plates, dishes and serving bowls. Rarer is a set of all the one colour.

This highly sought after set of Alfred Meakin Harlequinade china is in good vintage condition for its age - the most wear is shown on the bowls, the rest is near perfect. Each piece is individually date stamped ranging from 1954 to 1960. 

The set includes 

4 large dinner plates
3 small plates
2 bowls
4 teacup plates
2 teacups 

15 pieces in total 

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